Book catalogue

Earthtree has a wide range of books on sale both in print and digital editions. They are available for international publishers – contact for more information about rights, localisation and other merchandising possibilities.

English titles:

Box Yourself – Think it! Make it!

Crafts • Ages 5+ • 80 pages

Become the Ultimate Box Maker! More than 75-kid friendly projects await you! Learn how the boxes, cartons and paper tubes you have around the house can be transformed into fun and cute characters and objects – all by the magic of craft, paint and imagination!

Learn to Draw Anything

Drawing • Ages 5+ • 42 pages

A simple shape can become anything! Kids learn how to make fun and crazy drawings! Starting with simple shapes like circles and squares, Øistein will show tools, techniques and step-by-step instructions resulting in fantastic, new and imaginative creations.

Learn to Draw Christmas

Drawing • Ages 5+ • 42 pages

Learn To Draw Christmas in easy steps! In this book you will learn how to draw all sorts of christmas cartoons! Santa Claus and friends, snow men, reindeers, christmas stockings and presents!

Box Yourself

Crafts • Ages 5+ • 42 pages

Based on the hit TV and YouTube show!  Learn to make a wide range of crazy craft objects by recycling ordinary cardboard – boxes, toilet rolls, cartons, whatever. It encourages kids to be creative, artistic, imaginative and – most of all – to have fun.


Doodle’s House

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 80 pages

The world’s most creative friends! Doodle and friends turn simple shapes into fun drawings and stories.


Norwegian titles:

Søte dyr

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 80 pages

Draw cute animals!
Learn to draw the cutest animals in easy steps.


Drawing • Ages 3+ • 88 pages

Learn the alphabet!
Draw the shape of letters and numbers in fun ways.

Øisteins juleblyant

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 40 pages

Christmas crafts and drawing!
Learn to draw santa and friends and decorate for the holiday with fun and jolly paper crafts.

Øisteins påskeblyant

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 40 pages

Draw your Easter Holiday!
Learn to draw the easter bunny, baby chicks and holiday fun!


Lær å tegne dyr

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 80 pages

200,000 copies sold in Norway!
Learn to draw cute animals in easy steps.


Drawing • Ages 5+ • 80 pages

Draw the famous football players!
Learn to draw players, cool moves and tricks.

Øisteins juleblyant

Drawing • Ages 5+ • 80 pages

Drawing meets lifestyle and fashion!
Draw your friends, be a fashion designer and play with colors on hair and makeup.


Drawing • Ages 5+ • 80 pages

The most awesome drawing book ever! Spies, monsters, fast cars, crazy robots, games – learn to draw all the cool stuff!



Øisteins pappeske

Crafts • Ages 5+ • 175 pages

The premium craft book for kids!
Based on the hit show Box Yourself, kids will learn how to turn cardboard into amazing art! More than 100 ideas.

Øisteins Memo

Game • Ages 3+

The classic memo game!
Memorize Øistein’s popular drawings and find the pairs.

Lille-Øistein drodler

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 80 pages

The world’s most creative friends!
Doodle and friends turn simple shapes into fun drawings and stories.

Publishing partnerships

Kids and families have been enjoying our activity books for years and we’ve had the honor to work with many great publishers. Here’s a little taste of currents and classics!

Forlaget Victoria
Since 2016 we’ve been making books for the Norwegian market together with our publishing friends at Victoria. The books are frequently on top of the children’s book charts in Norway.

Egmont Kids Media Nordic
In the period 2008-2016 we published a wide range of books, board games and activity products with Egmont Kids Norway. The products have been among the top selling drawing and creativity books for kids.

Pearson Education South Asia We’ve published two book series with Pearson for the Asian market: DRAW (2007) and Learn to Draw (2012)

Kagge Forlag
We’ve published a series of school and familiy friendly books for kids and teens/adults with Norwegian publisher Kagge. The best seller Livets kruseduller (Doodle’s of Life) is also available in an enhanced English version.
Many of our books are now available as e-books on the Amazon Kindle store, optimised for tablets. Go to our Amazon page for more.