Earthtree has a wide range of books on sale both in print and digital editions. They are available for international publishers – contact us for more information about rights, localisation and other merchandising possibilities.

New Titles from Earthtree

Øisteins juleblyant 2023

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 40 pages

Christmas crafts and drawing!
Learn to draw Santa and friends with Øistein and Doodlepals!

Øisteins blyant - Dyrevenner

Drawing • Ages 5+ • 96 pages

Learn to draw world animals!
Travel the world with Doodlepals and draw the wonderful animals they meet

Øisteins juleblyant - Verdens beste juleverksted

Crafts • Ages 5+ • 142 pages

The world’s best Christmas workshop!
Based on the TV show “Box Xmas”, this is a book all about making gifts and decorating for Christmas. Kids will learn how to make a gift for somebody they love, from junk and found objects. 

Øisteins blyant - Skolestart

Crafts • Ages 5+ • 96 pages

Get ready for school with Doodlepals!
A fun and educational activity book preparing kids for their first year in school.

Øisteins blyant - Moroverksted

Crafts • Ages 5+ • 141 pages

The ultimate workshop for kids!
Based on the hit show Box Yourself, kids will learn how to turn cardboard into amazing art! More than 50 ideas.

Øisteins blyant - Sommerferie

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 96 pages

The Summer of Doodle!
BJoin Doodlepals on a summertime adventure. 96 pages of drawing activities and coloring for kids!

Lær å tegne dyr

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 80 pages

200,000 copies sold in Norway!
Learn to draw cute animals in easy steps.

Øisteins blyant ABC

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 88 pages

This book will make kids wish the alphabet had more letters!

Learn Draw the shape of letters and numbers in fun ways.

Papp blir til alt

Crafts • Ages 5+ • 80 pages

Turn cardboard into art!
Learn how the boxes, cartons and paper tubes you have around the house can be transformed into fun and cute characters and objects – all by the magic of craft, paint and imagination

Øisteins påskeblyant

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 40 pages

Draw the Easter holiday with Doodlepals!
Learn to draw easter bunnies, chicken, easter eggs and much more.  Fun coloring pages and stickers.


Drawing • Ages 3+ • 40 pages

Learn to draw dinosaurs faster than you can say asteroid! A drawing book for primates of all ages. With drawing, coloring, cool ideas, and lots of dinosaur stickers.


Drawing • Ages 5+ • 80 pages

Learn to Draw the Great Game!
Learn to draw the famous players, cool moves, tricks and scores – all the way to the gold medal!

Tegn og visk - Dyr

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 24 pages

Learn to draw animals!
Wipe Clean activity book. Follow the dots and draw the cute animals.

Tegn og visk - ABC

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 24 pages

Learn to draw ABC!
Wipe Clean activity book. Follow the dots and draw the letters in the alphabet.

Øisteins juleblyant - Tegn og visk

Drawing • Ages 3+ • 24 pages

Learn to draw Christmas!
Wipe Clean activity book. Follow the dots and draw the fun Christmas figures.

Previous Titles

Forlaget Victoria
In 2016-2019 we released numerous quality books with our former publishing partner Victoria. The books were frequently on top of the children’s book charts in Norway.

Egmont Kids Media Nordic
In the period 2008-2016 we published a wide range of books, board games and activity products with Egmont Kids Norway. The products have been among the top selling drawing and creativity books for kids.

Pearson Education South Asia We’ve published two book series with Pearson for the Asian market: DRAW (2007) and Learn to Draw (2012)

Kagge Forlag
We’ve published a series of school and familiy friendly books for kids and teens/adults with Norwegian publisher Kagge. The best seller Livets kruseduller (Doodle’s of Life) is also available in an enhanced English version.
Many of our books are now available as e-books on the Amazon Kindle store, optimised for tablets. Go to our Amazon page for more.