17th January 2014

Earthtree Media is proud to announce a brand new series: Box Yourself! 

Join Øistein and Box as they draw, cut, glue and paint crazy objects – all from cardboard!
Watch the trailer:

Cardboard is everywhere. You can find it in your basement, attic or cupboards. You can pick it up in your local supermarket. Shoes come in boxes. Drinks come in cartons. Even your toilet roll comes with a free bit of cardboard in the middle!

Box Yourself is an entertaining and educational 30 x 11 min series about how to make things from all that old cardboard. It encourages kids to be creative, artistic, imaginative and most of all to have fun.  From their basement studio, Øistein and his cardboard sidekick “Box” demonstrate how to make 30 different objects – animals, people, vehicles, puppets, and much, much more!

The series is available in English and Norwegian. The Norwegian version (“Øisteins Pappeske”) premiered on NRK Super on 20th December. International versions will come to screens across the world from 2014, alongside books, e-books and apps.

Øistein says:

“I’ve been using cardboard boxes in my TV shows since the nineties, but this time I wanted to make a whole series entirely dedicated to box art – I genuinely believe this is a wonderful art form. It is fun and easy to make things from cardboard and you don’t need much art materials. You combine different skills from drawing to painting, cutting, sculpting and model making. As I say at the end of each episode: There are thousands of things you can make from a box, just use your imagination!”

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About Box Yourself 

  • Target Audience: Children, 6+
  • 30 x 11 min HD episodes
  • Live action with animated sidekick.
  • Produced in English and Norwegian
  • Accompanying books and digital materials.

Devised and Presented by Øistein Kristiansen – world-renowned artist, author, designer and TV-presenter.







Sophie Aldred, who plays Box in English, is best known for her portrayal of Ace in the long-running BBC series “Doctor Who”. Sophie is one of the UK’s foremost voiceover artists for children’s animation, and plays the title role in continuing series such as “Dennis and Gnasher” and “Tree Fu Tom”.








Produced in Norway by Earthtree Media as, a multi-platform production company based in Fredrikstad, Norway. Earthtree Media produces TV, books, apps and live events focussing on drawing and creativity. Earthtree’s cross disciplinary production team have prior experience from BBC, NRK, Schibsted, Medieparken, 24/7 Media and other major international media players.  Earthtree’s tv shows are broadcast in more than 70 countries.