Fredrikstad, Norway, March 21st, 2018

Following the success of the children´s tv series Box Yourself, Season 1, that premiered in 2015 and has been sold to more than 50 networks, broadcasters and SVODs all over the world, a new season is in the making.

Stein Georg Lillemoen, CEO at Earthtree and producer of the show, says:

The new season 2 will have 20 episodes by 20 minutes. That is 8 commercial hours with entertaining and educational tv.  Box encourages kids to be creative, artistic, imaginative and – most of all – to have fun! Each episode guides you through the process of design, creation and play.

Box is presented by the creativity guru Mr Oistein Kristiansen, seen by 500+ million kids on tv and YouTube over the last 10 years.

The show is targeting kids from 6-12 years. Pets, houses, toys and home decor are some of the themes covered in the new season.

The series will be supported by recipies, drawings and extra bonus material so that the broadcasters and SVODs can offer additional support and tools for kids online.

The show will be produced in English, but a shorter non-dialogue version of all the 20 episodes will also be offered to those who prefer not to dub, or seeking a shorter format for their channels and platforms.

The show is in production at Box Studios in Fredrikstad, Norway, and the 20 episodes will be ready for delivery during Q3, 2018

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