Box Yourself, our kids tv show and YouTube channel, has reached 500 000 subscribers on YouTube, the latest milestone for the popular arts and crafts tv show launched in 2013.

“On March 12th, we reached 500 000 subscribers on YouTube  and I am really happy about his. Our YouTube channels represent a great opportunity for us at Earthtree Media to test new ideas, re-activate older tv shows that still have a huge audience, and connect with people all over the world”, says Oistein Kristiansen, founder and artist at Earthtree Media.

CEO Stein Georg Lillemoen adds: “Earthtree Media has been working hard inspiring kids every day to develop their creativity for more than a decade now. We dedicated much effort in producing high-quality detailed videos. And it appears you guys are really enjoying those! Today we are happy to announce that our YouTube channel reached 500k subscribers and we thought it’s a good time to stop and thank you for all the support!”

“Reaching the milestone is a huge success and we cannot wait to receive the golden play button from YouTube – maybe before next summer? ” says Marius Vegsund Andersen, creative director at Earthtree Media and central in developing all kinds of IP.

“We promise you this is just the beginning and we’ll continue working hard to deliver more and higher quality videos. Thank you for sharing this journey with us”, adds Oistein Kristiansen.

Below you can find three videos you watched the most since our channel was created.