Fredrikstad, Norway September 9, 2015Earthtree Media is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership with YouTube. All of Earthtree Media’s YouTube channels will from now on be managed in-house.

Earthtree’s plans for YouTube include building a studio in the office in Fredrikstad, Norway, to produce unique content for its YouTube channels. After a big Christmas production on the English language drawing channel Øistein Kristiansen and the Norwegian language drawing channel Øisteins Blyant, the focus in the first months of 2016 will mainly be the worldwide successful craft channel Box Yourself.

Building awareness for its successful brands by growing its YouTube channels, is one of the main reasons for Earthtree to start the partnership. Besides that, YouTube is considered a great opportunity for scouting new talents and a fantastic lab for testing new Earthtree concepts.slide_youtubepartner