2014 has been, without doubt, Earthtree Media’s most creative and most successful year. We’ve grown, we’ve expanded our core brands – Learn To Draw and Box Yourself – and have brought our content to brand new audiences and territories all around the world. Plus, we’ve learned much which will take us forwards through 2015 and beyond.

Our mission is to inspire kids to be creative. We make TV shows, books, e-books, magazines, interactive apps, games, activity packs, live shows, art materials and even the occasional interactive t-shirt. Our goal is to provide experiences that are entertaining, educational, valuable, transferrable, collaborative, surprising and most importantly, FUN!

Here’s our latest showreel:

We’re lucky that Øistein Kristiansen is at the heart of everything we do. He is almost certainly the world’s #1 kids creativity guru, both on-screen and  in-person at his frequent live appearances.

Øistein is also Earthtree’s chief artist and illustrator. He is our Creative Director, shaping the look and feel of everything we do here at Earthtree.












Øistein will continue to be on TV screens and will continue to perform his live show across the world in 2015. We will be developing and producing new live-action TV shows across our both Box Yourself and Learn To Draw.

Check out our very latest pilot episodes – Box Yourself Minis

Our big new direction in 2014 has been animation – and in particular, developing our creative character, Doodle.




We finally gave Doodle his own show this year – Learn To Draw Minis. There are 104 x 1′ episodes so far, and they have sold like the proverbial hot-cakes to countries in every continent of the world. Filler shows work really well both for broadcasters and web-based content providers. And, like Box Yourself Minis, they have no dialogue – which means no dubbing or subtitling for international audiences.

Learn To Draw Minis has gone so well that we are making new episodes all the time: here’s the latest, episode #105: “Frankie-Monster”. With added disco. 

The world is going to see a lot more of Doodle in 2015 – new shows broadcast on TV, available on the web and on planes, trains, trams and taxis!

Another key bit of learning for us in 2014 has been the growth of the products associated with our TV shows: books, e-books, magazines, apps, hobby packs, art materials, games, home decor and finally our own online video store.

Creativity is arguably the the most interactive genre of kids TV: what’s the point if kids are not inspired to do some art and craft themselves?

So it’s crucial that as well as watching our shows, kids can practise the methods and techniques as they work on their own drawings. 













So another thing you’ll see more of in 2015 are products on sale all over the world, dedicated to inspiring creativity. Here are two of the large library already on sale in Korea thanks to our friends and partners in Seoul – AB Media.












Thank you to everyone who has used our content or visited this site during 2014. Please keep coming back!

And we love to hear from you, so send us an email if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.