“Earthtree Media is expanding it’s global network of media partners. We are happy to announce that we have a partnership with Raffaella Bonivento. Based in Milano, she will focus on the Italian market, but also co-developing new international concepts and formats with Earthtree Media.  At the upcoming markets Bologna Book Fair and MIPTV, Raffaella will play a pivotal role in developing new business for Earthtree Media” says CEO Stein Georg Lillemoen.

This is how it started!

“I was walking by chance in front of their booth at the market in Cannes a few years ago and I simply loved their drawings, their craft, their tv shows, the joy, the colours, the atmosphere. Respect, creativity, flexibility, the child at the center. They know how to amuse and entertain, but also how to inspire and possibly play with families and new generations to train imagination and visual storytelling and improve lives !”

I deal mainly in the field of international coproduction of tv drama series, but I’ve just greeted with joy Earthtree media in my portfolio of clients, because these guys are amazing and I’ll make my best to help them find the right partners and have the best distribution in Italy. It will be a pleasure to create partnerships and create success together!

Raffaella Bonivento, March 2015

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