Earthtree´s new book this spring is called “Øisteins Blyant Sommerferie”, in English “Summer Holiday with Nora, Poppy and Doodle”.

The book will be published on May 19th in the Norwegian market through the publishing house Vigmostad & Bjorke.

The 96 pages hardcover is an innovative blend of activities, like drawing and coloring, and a picture book.  We follow the three friends Nora, Poppy and Doodle as they explore Norway´s beautiful nature and cities. On their journey, they get lots of inspiration from the travel and creativity guru Oistein Kristiansen.

The book is written by Marius Andersen and Axel Sæther, and the illustrations are from – of course – Oistein Kristiansen, Earthtree´s founder, and partner. Editor is Nicolai Houm from Vigmostad & Bjorke.