Earthtree Media is happy and very proud to announce a collaboration with the Norwegian Cancer Society, says Stein Georg Lillemoen, CEO at Earthtree Media.

A mini series of 5 videos will be launched in Q4 2020, focussing on kids health. The videos will be available on different educational and consumer platforms including YouTube and Facebook, and health workers throughout Norway will use the videos as a tool in their dialogue with kids who experience cancer themselves or in near family.

«How do you make ordinary topics like food, movement, and sleep fun and relevant for children? We found our solution through our collaboration with Øisteins blyant”  Mona Bjelland, The Norwegian Cancer Society

The Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS) is one of the largest organisations in Norway representing the voices of those affected by cancer. NCS work to prevent and fight cancer and to improve quality of life for patients and their families.