It’s not just about teaching kids how to be creative, it’s also about giving them the environment and right set of tools to be creative with. Covid-19 is forcing us inside with limited impact from the outside world, it’s more important than ever that kids are inspired to build, make, and create. Many have to do so in a limited world now, a day to day life that is easily filled with a large intake of information but has a lack of challenges for the developing creative mind. Creativity is not necessarily something you are born with or naturally have, it’s a skill that can be taught.

Now that the arenas are fewer the outpouring of creative energy has been focused mainly on one stage, the home. This makes it more important than ever to stay active and challenge the creative mind. The importance of using materials, feeling them in our hands, using pencils and paper and cardboard and colors to create something of our own. To make something you can physically put on the shelf or hang on the fridge and think “wow, I made that!”. That needs guidance, a first step that most people need help to take, to put you to the task to create something you would never believe you could create. Given the right starting point, a base, kids (and adults) can make anything. That inspiration is so important not only to get you started but to see the possibilities and opportunities you now have, instead of seeing the limits. Creativity is in everything we do, it’s a key component to health and happiness and a fundamental skill children need to have.

In our universe, millions of children worldwide have been taught how to develop their creative minds while having a lot of fun! We focus on providing the right set of tools for it. Our focus has always been sustainability, using materials that can be recycled and reused to become something fun and beautiful. It’s a universe bursting with ideas to get kids started on their creative journey.