Catland • 5 x various lengths • HD • Live action • Ages 5+ • English language • Dub Friendly

Become a Cat Furrniture Designer!

Catland is the new tv-show all about making wonderful cardboard furniture for cats…because kitties LOVE cardboard boxes! The show inspires kids to learn about product design and innovation, whilst having fun with arts and crafts. All materials are from recycled sources, the objects are simple and easy to make and they have a distinct function for your dear cat!    

Catland will have 10 episodes. The first batch of 5 episodes is now ready for delivery. Episode 6-10 will be available during Q 3, 2019.

The show has been produced in HD. 

Original voice is English. Separate M&E tracks.

Ep 1: Cat Bed (08:06)
Ep 2: Cat Café (09:20)
Ep 3: Cat Toy (08:22)
Ep 4: Cat Taxi (10:08)
Ep 5: Cat Maze (05:49)