Doodle’s House • 52 x 2’ • HD • 2D animation • Ages 3+ • No dialogue / no dubbing
Turn Chaos Into Creativity With Doodle!
Doodle’s House is about Doodle and his best friends – Peck and Lady Moomoo, who live in a pencil house: a random, crazy and creative place where anything and everything can happen. They make random squiggles, which Doodle turns into fun,
imaginative and surprising drawings. Then, when no-one is watching, the drawings come to life!
Random starting points fire Doodle’s inspiration: he transforms each squiggle, pattern or blob of paint into a fun and imaginative cartoon drawing – showing that anything can turn into something great.

Meet the cast of Doodle’s House


Doodle is the world’s most creative kid. He is imaginative, curious, playful and creative. He seeks inspiration and is always drawing. When he blows on his sketchpad, his drawings come to life!


Lady Moomoo is friendly, shy and clumsy. She dreams of looking fabulous and is always hungry.


Peck is impulsive and spontaneous, with endless energy. He gets bored easily, and will try anything that looks like fun.

Extended versions (7, 9 and 11 minutes):