Doodle The World • 52 x 5’ • HD • 2D animation • Ages 3+ • No dialogue / no dubbing

Doodle The World!

Join Doodle and his friends Peck and Lady Moomoo as they travel along a never-ending line transporting them to exciting and exotic locations all over the world. The gang explore, have fun, and are inspired by the animals, people, buildings, food, music and culture they encounter. In each episode they face a challenge which can only be fixed with creativity: Doodle draws a new object, which comes to life and saves the day in a funny, random and unexpected way.

With no dialogue and a wide range of themes, Doodle the World is easy to localise all over the world.


The Cast

Doodle is an artist and explorer who takes his sketchpad everywhere. He is imaginative, curious, playful and creative. He seeks inspiration and is always drawing. When he blows on his sketchpad, his drawings come to life!

Peck is impulsive and spontaneous, with endless energy. He gets bored easily, and doesn’t think beyond the moment. Peck lays eggs to duplicate himself or to help himself fly.

Lady Moomoo is friendly, shy and accident-prone. She can change shape. She loves dressing up and dreams of looking fabulous. Moomoo is always hungry.

Dottie is an extreme sports enthusiast who uses a wearable camera to share her adventures. Doodle is in love with Dottie, and loses focus when she is around.

The Destructo-gang are the bad guys. Ruler likes order, and straightens anything bendy. Erasor rubs out Doodle’s drawings. Chomp eats Doodle’s inspiration.


  • Mushroom Monkey (pilot): The gang crash-land in the African Jungle. A greedy monkey steals Moomoo’s mushroom lunch. Doodle draws a new mushroom monkey – who produces snacks!
  • Viking Cliffhanger: The gang climb Norway’s famous Preikestolen mountain. Doodle summons a passing viking ship to rescue Moomoo who finds herself hanging from a cliff-edge branch!
  • The Great Dragon Of China: The Great Wall of China is too bendy for the straight line-loving Ruler. He flattens it. Doodle decides a Chinese Dragon is just what is needed to bend it back to shape – and to teach Ruler a lesson!
  • Hockey Peck: Peck gets caught up in a crazy Candian lumberjack’s ice-hockey game. He can’t fly away and can’t avoid the flying stick. Doodle creates a puck-copter so Peck can make his escape!
  • Sydney Opera Turtle: Moomoo and Peck accidentally wake up a hibernating turtle, marooned underneath the sydney opera house. Doodle draws a new turtle shell based on the harbour bridge!
  • Pyramid Camel: While drawing the Egyptian pyramids, Peck knocks a passing mummy from his camel. The mummy tries to ride Moomoo. Doodle draws a new pointy-humped camel!
  • Igloo Bear: The gang visit the Arctic, and spot a baby polar bear stranded on a small iceberg. Doodle adapts his drawing of an igloo into a mummy-bear, who rescues the baby!
  • Hydrant 51: In Roswell, New Mexico, a flying saucer is attempting to abduct Peck and Moomoo. Doodle transforms a fire hydrant into a robot to defeat the aliens!
  • Stonehenge Teeth: Peck practices his football skills at Stonehenge, accidentally hitting a Druid in the face. Doodle draws a new mouthful of teeth based on the ancient stones!
  • Vincent Van Doodle: Doodle is drawing sunflowers. But Chomp the goat is eating faster Doodle can draw them. Doodle draws a sunflower-windmill – which takes Chomp for a spin!

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