Learn To Draw Minis • 144 x 1’ • HD • 2D animation • Ages 4+ • No dialogue / no dubbing

Start Your Drawing Adventure!

Learn To Draw Minis is an animated creativity TV-show. Each one-minute episode takes the viewer, step-by-step, through the process of drawing a cool cartoon from start to finish. Themes include pets, wild animals, dinosaurs, fantasy creatures, people, vehicles, sport and more! Viewers can also learn to draw the lead character “Doodle” in a variety of costumes.

Learn To Draw Minis is designed to work for broadcast as inspirational teasers and fillers between programmes, as well as for smart TV / apps / mobile platforms as on-demand drawing activities, using play and pause. With no dialogue, no lip-synch, and universal themes, Learn To Draw Minis can be broadcast or published in every country and on every platform with a minimum of effort.

Extended Versions (5, 7 and 9 minutes):